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Review No: 1 by Mr & Mrs Lacey who stayed here on 21/03/2015 Language Flag

Although well appointed the unit we had was rather tired and could have done with a freshen up. Some small items that needed work were done efficiently by maintenance staff. Entertainment was handled well by staff member and the bar and restaurant were well appointed and comfortable.

Review No: 2 by Mrs Roberts who stayed here on 21/03/2015 Language Flag

An excellent resort well managed helpful staff holiday very restful and all the family enjoyed the week we stayed

Review No: 3 by Mr & Mrs Flynn who stayed here on 21/03/2015 Language Flag

Eventually our accommodation achieved the above status. This however was at the fourth attempt and could not have been achieved without the intervention of the manager. We feel that you should be aware, and make your clients aware, of the considerable differences and discrepancies existing between apartments and descriptions on this resort. We were a party of four adults ( originally it was to be six ) which the company were aware of through a telephone call initiated by them. Initially we were allocated an apartment both dark and dingy which had a small double bedroom and two small single rooms separated, one being up a ladder in the loft. The second was equally small and dingy but at least had two bedrooms, all-be-it, small. The third gave the impression of a converted barn ( which it probably was ) and was "tired" in outlook. Eventually we were shown the accommodation to which we thought we were going to when we booked the exchange and which corresponded to our "5 star" property which we had exchanged. This unit was number 10, Kirkstone and was in the "new" sections of the development whereas the others were in the older established area of the complex. This unit was a 3bedroom, sleep 6 type and was the one stated on your documents. However the third bedroom was a small box room and had two bunks in it. Fortunately the second couple could not come with us this time.

Review No: 4 by Mr Weston who stayed here on 31/01/2015 Language Flag

We were disappointed with the size of the unit. It is not big enough for 4 people. The bedrooms are very small with not much space between the bed and the unit consequently I have a bruised leg. The small bedroom with twin beds, one had to be right up against the radiator under the window and was the full width of the room. Very hot for the person sleeping there. There was only one bathroom/toilet with nothing en suite. There was no shower just a hand held shower head over the bath at waist height. I was unable to use it. We had to go to the swimming pool for a shower and as it is a mixed changing room with only 2 cubicle showers this was not very good. The kitchen was not well equipped. No space to store food taken as all the cupboard space was full. The cooker marks had more or less worn off and you could not tell what was what in the instructions. The written instructions in the book stopped after the first page re the cooker and did not contain any details of what the oven should have said. A very small fridge - nowhere near enough room to store basic food for four people. The upper shelf of the dish washer came right out unless you were very careful. There was no wi fi in the units. The television did not work properly at first but eventually it was replaced. When you went to the pool you had to put a deposit of £10 for towels and then keep them all week - unheard of anywhere else we have been - and dry them in your unit. The £10 was refunded when you returned the towels at the end of the week. The restaurant was very good, lovely food and good service. There did not appear to be a lot of people staying there last week and there seemed to be a lot of bigger units than the one we were allocated still empty. I would like to know why we were not allocated a unit of comparable standard to that we had exchanged.

Review No: 5 by Mr Heery who stayed here on 24/01/2015 Language Flag

Unit we stayed in was bit tired but we understand it is due to be refurbished next year. Lounge upstairs n bedrooms downstairs and with three youngsters under five would have been better other way round. Lovely place but could have done with on site shop. Sauna was out of use but not advised in DAE correspondence. Also baby pool out of use for over half of our stay and again not advised at time of arrival considering they had been having problems for around two weeks. On the whole lovely place. Rusted Centre close by and was great for the children.

Review No: 6 by Mrs Fisher who stayed here on 10/01/2015 Language Flag

This was a nice accommadation but felt a little isolated as you had nothing within walking distance and unfortunately a lot of snow. I am sure this resort would be much more enjoyable in the summer.

Review No: 7 by Mr Thompson who stayed here on 10/01/2015 Language Flag

A lovely resort but one disappointment was that unless there was another person in the swimming pool area I was not allowed to have a swim. I was unable to have a swim on four occasions as my wife was looking after my elderly mother who was with us. I was told by the people on the reception desk that it was an insurance issue. It seems such a pity that the excellent swimming facilities were not able to be used by myself when I was by myself. Whitbarrow village clearly advertises that they have a heated swimming pool which I am sure helps to attract many people to the resort, so feel strongly that the pool should be open to any of their customers during normal opening hours but they are certainly not putting customers first with their swimming policy. I'm sure that some sort of arrangement could be made so that guests can swim unaccompanied. Perhaps several employees could be trained to act as lifeguards when required. There were security cameras in the swimming pool area which I consider adequate for a staff member to watch swimmers. I did express my views while I was there and will follow up with a letter to the management but would appreciate if you also could put over a few words that would back up my point of view.

Review No: 8 by Mr Brierley who stayed here on 27/12/2014 Language Flag

we were very impressed by the quality of the apartment and everthing else during our stay at whitbarrow

Review No: 9 by Mr Severn who stayed here on 20/12/2014 Language Flag

We exchanged one unit and took an extra guest unit for our family of 5 from France for Christmas week. We were all extremely impressed with the quality and size of both units, the lovely linen and extreme cleanliness. In spite of typical Lakeland weather and extreme cold the heating in both units was excellent and we had a great Christmas together. Cooking for 7 I was worried that there would not be enough crockery and pans for a Christmas lunch but the cupboards were well stocked and we wanted for nothing. Thank you Whitbarrow.

Review No: 10 by Mrs Zacharias who stayed here on 20/12/2014 Language Flag

Staff very friendly and accommodating. Jacuzzi was out of order over Xmas which was disappointing and pool water very cold. Everything else was perfect.

Review No: 11 by Mr Greaves who stayed here on 13/12/2014 Language Flag

You must have a car to visit this resort AND you must also be fit as the majority of the apartments, houses etc. have NO place to park your car. You unload all of your luggage from your car and then have to take it to the main car park and walk back to your apartment. The check in was excellent and we had to pay £30 utility charge for our three bedroomed apartment. This seemed expensive but covered all heating and cooking and lighting. Compared with McDonalds resorts this charge was reasonable. Having a torn ligament in my right knee I was surprised to see that on the ground floor there was two bedrooms and a bathroom and separate shower and toilet. Upstairs was the kitchen and lounge and a further bedroom. I telephoned reception and explained my problem but they said that there was not another apartment available until Monday. This was in three days time so I managed to climb the stairs with difficulty and then due to all the hassle of moving clothes etc. we decided to stay put and manage the stairs as best I could. This was the worst apartment we have experienced for problems. I explained the various problems to a 'sales guy' who telephoned me to see if I wanted to have a chat with him and get the £30 utility fee refunded after his sales talk. I said NO. After three complaints to him I asked to speak to Julie the Manager at the resort who came to see the state of the apartment and took photographs on her iphone. She said it should not have been in this state and it was one of the older apartments. She never got back to us all week and we did not receive any compensation for the problems. On leaving my wife saw Julie in reception and she said that our unit had been taken off the internet!!. The problems in our unit were: Smashed lampshade in the main downstairs bedroom. Toilet roll holder situated in the downstairs toilet in a position that meant you could not sit straight on the toilet. Somebody had stolen pull switch toggles. Not enough space to explain all.

Review No: 12 by Mrs Dussold who stayed here on 06/12/2014 Language Flag

Stayed for 5 days the cottage Eaumont 2 was an upside down cottage with good views. The cottage was cosy and warm . Everything you need for relaxing and cooking if you wanted too. Enjoyed a drive into Keswick and Penrith . Would go again.

Review No: 13 by Mr Maryan who stayed here on 01/11/2014 Language Flag

A lovely resort and great location, need a car. Good thing is they have entertainment a couple of evenings per week, and the live music was very good, more owners should come along as it was very good. Restaurant was very good, and some nice specials. Pool area and gym very good, and a sauna and Turkish room. Staff are very helpful and there is needed. Maybe consider live music nights on a Friday for people leaving Sat. Prices at bar reasonable which is a nice change to some resorts, this resort seems to be more owner thoughtful. And another thing is you know what your utility cost will be for the week, no hidden costs like McDonald and a few other resorts with hidden meter read charges to hit you, and storage heaters with no heat control. Our unit was B5 and was for 4 persons, I did think we had swapped for a 6 person but it was ok as only 4 of us. And it was nicely located and well laid out, 1 double and two singles, few minor things to sort but good service, will return if I can swap for right week.

Review No: 14 by Mrs Owen who stayed here on 01/11/2014 Language Flag

We stayed in a two storey place on this complex. The build was probably 80 s but had had both bathrooms refurbished and new kitchen which was adequately equipped. The on site restaurant/bar lacked atmosphere but provided decent food. Maintenance was fast and friendly when called for and the resort staff were very kind, helpful and polite. A car is essential and the whole surrounding area is stunning. This is a resort which has year round opportunities. The leisure facilities were clean and well maintained. No wi-Fi in properties only in reception building.

Review No: 15 by Mr Shearer who stayed here on 11/10/2014 Language Flag

This is a very good resort. The staff are helpful and polite. The facilities are good and they all work. The pool area is lovely, but they do have a 'No Lone Swim Policy' which was a bit of a pain and doesn't seem necessary. The wifi is a bit slow and only works in the main building. The bar area is nice but is the main seating area and is only open from 12.00 which is no good is you want to use wifi in the morning. We didn't eat or drink there but the prices seemed reasonable. The unit we had was fine for two but would have been a bit small for 6. There is lots to see and do in the local area with lots of good places to eat and drink. However, for a Scot, the lack of free access over fields is pretty archaic. It would have been much better if one could walk directly to the nearest pub rather than go the very long way round that is necessary in England.

Review No: 16 by Dr Carter who stayed here on 04/10/2014 Language Flag

For our purposes the resort and the unit (K25) in which we stayed were very good, and the unit was better than the one (E3) we stayed in last year . We were, however, there mainly for a fell-walking holiday, so we made little use of the resort facilities apart from one swim in the pool. The resort is ideally located halfway between Penrith and Keswick, so it is easy to get to, and has easy access to most places of interest in the Lake District, although, despite the excellent bus service in much of the area, a car is essential at Whitbarrow. The unit was spacious and bright during the day, and it offered very adequate accommodation for five us, 4 adults and one 7 year old child. The furniture and the carpets were looking a bit tired but were perfectly acceptable. In the evenings, we found the lighting adequate for watching television, but poor for reading and writing. The unit has the bedrooms and bathrooms downstairs and the lounge, kitchen and dining area upstairs. This is good in terms of making the unit seem bright and airy and in terms of not having to lug heavy suitcases upstairs, but there is only one thermostat for the central heating and it is upstairs, so this means having to turn the heating up quite high to ensure the downstairs rooms are warmed, to the extent that it can make it too warm upstairs. The kitchen was adequately equipped for 8 people, but as we were self-catering all week, we found the range of utensils rather sparse, for example there was no colander, sieve or small fruit knife. Also, it was very difficult to get the oven tray to sit evenly on the racks in the oven(I forgot to mention this to them on the feedback form). Except for the units for people with disabilities, it is not possible to park your car outside your unit. There is, however, a large and very good parking area, and you are allowed to take your car to your unit to unload on arrival and re-load on departure.

Review No: 17 by Mrs McCrae who stayed here on 04/10/2014 Language Flag

Quiet, comfortable and very relaxing. Stayed in two bedroom unit, Cardnew 1, on two levels overlooking lawn and duckpond. First impression: cosy but lounge a bit cramped with dark leather suite and narrow floor space. Payment of £21 to cover cost of utilities paid on arrival, so central heating used as required and no nasty surprises at end of stay! Problems with maintenance; overhead lights in kitchen area not working and arm of pull-out sofa completely detached, potentially hazardous. Reported and maintenance staff had a look but no further action! Leisure facilities very good: pool, sauna etc very good although not allowed to use the pool if a single swimmer! Take-away meals available from bar, i.e sausage, chicken or scampi and chips or pizza. Cost £6-£7. Beds a bit hard but still comfortable. Surprised not to have any maid service to empty bins etc., probably spoilt by daily service provided on Continent! Excellent location, 15 mins to Keswick and lovely views. Overall a lovely holiday, came home very relaxed and chilled out.

Review No: 18 by Mr Pope who stayed here on 27/09/2014 Language Flag

We enjoyed the resort itself but I was disappointed to only find on-road walks available from the site [perhaps I should have researched it a bit more] although there were interesting paths, history and shopping within 20 minutes drive. A car [as it says] is essential and expect to have to use it.

Review No: 19 by Mr Chalmers who stayed here on 20/09/2014 Language Flag

Very, very disappointing as the unit is desperately needing upgrading. Other units in the complex appeared of better quality but perhaps did not have the accommodation we required. Difficult to upgrade ageing timeshare property if money isn't invested but this doesn't excuse dirty carpets, torn linoleum etc. Its a sad reflection on what is otherwise a nice complex with a lot to offer. Had this been a straightforward rental I would have been looking for a refund.

Review No: 20 by Mr Clayton who stayed here on 06/09/2014 Language Flag

Lovely site in beautiful location in the Lake District units good size well laid out, staircase quite narrow and sweaky when walked on microwave quite small and timer difficult to use below 5 minutes. Small grips but overall lovely place well maintained grounds would return again.

Review No: 21 by Mr & Mrs Gibbings who stayed here on 30/08/2014 Language Flag

A friendly resort with "courtyard cottage" style accommodation. The cottage I was in had had a makeover but silly things like the new flooring in the bathroom not quite fitting and odd light bulbs in both shape and power gave the impression maintenance could be a little more professional. However the touch dimmable side lights in the bedroom were great. Situated within easy reach of the M5 and at the north end of the Lake District means easy access to both shops and Lakeland walks or boat trips. The restaurant was worth a visit and there were "take away meals" and bar snacks available.

Review No: 22 by Mr & Mrs Fowler who stayed here on 30/08/2014 Language Flag

overall an excellent resort.the discrepancy in quality and nature between the restaurant and bar meals needs to be addressed as the bar meal selection tended to be of the fast food nature and not a good selection.the accommodation was good with the exception of the sofa bed which was extremely uncomfortable to sit on due to lack of support and firmness of cushions which tended to disappear from under one like a squeezed tube of toothpaste leaving an unsupported space which placed stress on the lower back

Review No: 23 by Mr Homewood who stayed here on 30/08/2014 Language Flag

We have visited about 4 timeshares/year for the last 10 years ( probably 20 different sites) and can be confident in stating we have never experienced a unit with so many items requiring attention. It was unit T30. We visited the resort about 5 years earlier and we were pleased with the facilities and the space. That previous unit was acceptable. This time the unit appeared as if they had recently received a visit from 'guests from hell'. The young maintenance man responded each day to problems as we found them, leaving a few problems that he lacked the resources to deal with. No major criticism of his work .... but they should never have put people in the unit. I will only mention a few items that were not corrected because they were either not reported or were too large for immediate attention:- a) Inside of cupboard door was bashed in. ie a 2 layer natural wood door on an inner frame. The layer inside the cupbaord was damaged by attempting to force the door shut ... probably against a cleaner that was in the cupboard. b) A bathroom door where the screws were pulling out of the wood. c) A trunk at the bottom of the bed had a hinge completely pulled out of the wood. d) When checking under the bunk beds at the end of the holiday we discovered the slats of the bed were hanging down. I am glad we did not use that room. e) We found a weeping radiator on our last morning. f) During the week we reported one of the gas burners could not be lit. They did get someone in to make it light, but my wife reported it still only lit part of the way round the burner and she decided it was safest not to use it. g) We reported the dining room table leg was loose and was at an angle. The bolt was tightened up. The main problem was that it should have had 2 bolts holding the leg but the second bolt never arrived. A future guest will have the same problem if the table is moved. I think we could also describe the items provided in the unit as minimalistic. Brian

Review No: 24 by Mr Woolley who stayed here on 02/08/2014 Language Flag

Would recommend this resort to anyone unless you wanted fantastic evening entertainment.

Review No: 25 by Mr & Mrs Frost who stayed here on 26/07/2014 Language Flag

We had a wonderful holiday, our little boy joined in all the activities and loved the indoor pool. We hope to be back again. Thanks to all the staff at DAE for helping us to have a great summer holiday.

Review No: 26 by Mrs Davies who stayed here on 26/07/2014 Language Flag

This was a good week at a resort where much attention had been paid to ensuring guests have an enjoyable time in a place from which you can easily reach most of the Lake District and some of the Yorkshire Dales. We had a one bed Grisedale unit which is supposed to sleep 2/4. I would be very doubtful about putting 4 people in the unit - the sofa bed can sleep only one adult. Some things could have been improved - hooks in the bathroom and chairs in the bedroom would have been useful for somewhere to put clothes. Other storage was excellent. Double glazing was awaiting repair/replacement, but otherwise maintenance was responsive to a couple of small requests. Kitchen and bathroom had recently been refurbished and there were new carpets and furniture. One note of warning concerns the beds. Even in this resort which aims to be quite up-market, the double beds are basic and small with both head and foot boards. Because they aren't divans it is possible that couples including tall people - like my husband who is 6'3" - will have problems fitting into a 4'6" x 6'3" box. The resort manager was very helpful and ordered in a 5' x 6'6" divan, which rescued our holiday. However, we were given to understand that there wasn't another similar double bed on site, at that stage, so this may be something to be aware of. Restaurant food was really good - thoughtfully prepared and well cooked. The service we had, however, did not match the excellence of the meals. Would we return ? Definitely.

Review No: 27 by Mrs Aldridge who stayed here on 19/07/2014 Language Flag

The resort had lots of activities going on, we took advantage of the archery taster session (extra cost but at £12 per person was excellent value). The bar and leisure centre had a very 'Butlins' feel to them. Probably good if you have kids or like that sort of thing. As a reasonably young couple I don't think this was pitched at our level which is absolutely fine! My only major gripes were as follows: the spotlights in the bathroom were set into a lowered ceiling above the shower which at 5 ft 6 I smacked my hand on more than once burning myself slightly. For my 6 ft 3 partner, showering at all was difficult especially since he was recovering from knee surgery so crouching wasn't an option. Clearly designed for very short people or ill thought out! My second major gripe was the kitchen with a smoke alarm in it. A sensitive smoke alarm that was set off by the *smell* of bacon (not burnt bacon, cooking bacon!) despite having the extractor fan on full and all the windows open. We set it off multiple times simply by cooking which then led to me standing on the table waving a tea towel at the thing to waft the smell of food away. This is not designed for proper self catering so if you're on a budget/plan to actually cook be warned! The sofa was uncomfortable to sit on as the cushions were apparently made of cardboard, we made it more comfy using a duvet off a spare bed. The guest welcome packs were clearly made in Microsoft Publisher including clip art from the 90's adding to that Butlins feel. Don't really understand why no one has thought to do professional packs! The local area was just stunning, well worth the four hour drive. Excellent base to explore the less touristy parts of the Lake District.

Review No: 28 by Mr Talbot who stayed here on 31/05/2014 Language Flag

Stayed in C4. Advertised 3 bedrooms, sleeps 6. The double room was ok. Second bedroom - adult bunk bed with 1 wardrobe only. No bedside tables or chest of drawers so nowhere to put toiletries or apply make-up or dry hair. Third bedroom - up 2 flights of stairs with twin beds, 1 under sloping eaves and would have to get on knees to access chest of drawers - also under eaves. These 2 bedrooms only suitable for children, definitely not for elderly. Also no shelf in bathroom for toiletries (not good for those in bedroom 2). Have stayed in studios at Whitbarrow previously and these were fabulous. Also disappointed entertainment on 2 nights only. Was more frequent last time we stayed. As we had visitors with us from USA we found our visit disappointing especially lack of facilities in bedroom 2. Worst holiday we've has with DAE.

Review No: 29 by Mr Hemingway who stayed here on 31/05/2014 Language Flag

I feel we were unfortunate in the property we were given, some on the resort were good but for the first time in 20 years we were very dissapointed. It was listed as 2 bedroom/sleeps 6. Luckily as it happened our friends,both in late 70's early 80's as we are, did not come with us, The main bedroom although small was adequate but the 2nd had high bunk beds and a single wardrobe, nothing else, there was no chest or other to put things like toiletories on and as there was not even a shelf in the tiny bathroom I presume one is expected to live out of ones travel bag.No chair or anything to put clothes on at night .Although with good weather we had a good week, I can only feel with very little expense the cottage could have been made much better. Without doubt people should be warned that they could possibly be allocated one of these very small units.

Review No: 30 by Mr & Mrs Weldon who stayed here on 31/05/2014 Language Flag

Second time we have visited Whitbarrow and once again amenities very good and staff helpful. The whole of the site was immaculately kept. Stayed in Kirkstone 28 which was originally booked for 7. Friends could not come which was as well as the third bedroom was bunks in a very small room which would not have been good for our friends as we are nearly all in our 70's. Apparently all 3 bedroom units have one room with bunk beds but we did not know this. Unit is in need of some refurbishment. Small problems were dealt with very quickly. Major worry was smoke alarm which went off once and luckily son was visiting as alarm is up in the timbers. He is 6ft and had to stand on the rungs on the back of a chair with myself and friend sitting on seat and holding onto him. This was over the drop of the stairs!! Food is good and reasonably priced. If eating out try The Herdsman or the Sportsman. Both excellent with friendly staff. Lots of things to do in the surrounding area and we will definitely be back.

Review No: 31 by Mrs Hodgson who stayed here on 10/05/2014 Language Flag

I was disappointed with the accommodation on this visit. The first apartment was unsuitable as my 6'2" son would not have been able to sleep in the bed. Staff tried to be helpful but the site was quite full. The next apartment was slightly better up an outside flight of steps. It was very cramped for three of us although described as suitable for six, ie: if someone was sitting at the dining table the fridge door could not be opened. Also it was difficult to move around the lounge area. I have been to Whitbarrow several times but will hesitate to go again.

Review No: 32 by Mr Wood who stayed here on 03/05/2014 Language Flag

Our accommodation was a 3 bedroomed 'Kirkstone' house. The bedrooms were quite small but the main bedroom had an ensuite and there was a downstairs toilet so two of us were rattling around in it! The Kirkstone houses can vary in that some of them have the kitchen upstairs. They are all near the car park but there is a short walk to the main building for the swimming pool/jacuzzi/restaurant/bar. The site was only half full whilst we were there but Whitbarrow would be a good base for couples and families with children because of the facilities above and a snooker table/table tennis table/crazy golf and pitch and putt. There was entertainment most nights, we particularly enjoyed listening to a two-man musical duo one evening but bingo and quiz nights may not be to everyone's taste. We considered the only downsides were the lack of wi-fi in the accommodation and poor mobile reception but on the other hand wi-fi was available in the bar and games room and there was a telephone in the accommodation. Telephone calls out averaged about 5p a minute and there was a laundry room where a washing machine load and a tumble tryer load cost £1.50 a load - all cheap in this day and age. Hard selling timeshare salesmen ware not to everybody's cup of tea but if you attend a meeting with them your utilities charge is refunded. You will need a car to get to this resort but we liked Carlisle/Keswick and Ullswater which aren't too far away. There is a lovely circular walk at Aira Force waterfall at Glenridding (near Ullswater) which we really enjoyed.

Review No: 33 by Mr Edgley who stayed here on 08/02/2014 Language Flag

This venue is quite remote so you need transport. The staff are very friendly and helpful and the leisure facilities are very good, especially the pool, sauna and steam room. We ate at the restaurant and found the service and quality of food to be good at reasonable prices. The weather was very poor when we were there so the grounds weren't looking their best (lots of big puddles) but when the sun did come out and it started to dry out, we could see that the grounds where well cared for and well landscaped. We would go back again, but maybe when the weather is a bit warmer. Having said all that, the apartment was nice and warm because of the central heating and it was well furnished.

Review No: 34 by Mr Parker who stayed here on 05/10/2013 Language Flag

I have stayed in many timeshares over the world but Whitbarrow is very high quality,good staff and peaceful surroundings.The only thing lacking was good weather but overall would use this resort in future.

Review No: 35 by Mr Hodgett who stayed here on 08/06/2013 Language Flag

Very well appointed unit (Troutbeck 21). Fully fitted kitchen although a little short on utensils to cook for 6. Very clean with good furnishings. One or two design hiccups e.g. had to move bedside table to open wardrobe but nothing major. Car Park could do with a makeover. Loose surface = dust everywhere when dry and messy when wet. On site facilities excellent. Good bar, lounge and restaurant. Entertainment some evenings. Very good leisure facilities. Plenty on site to fill those damp days. Good pubs with food locally - not quite within walking distance though. Happy to visit this one again although could have done without Farmer Giles muck spreading next door - but that's the countryside!

Review No: 36 by Mr & Mrs Durning who stayed here on 08/06/2013 Language Flag

We had a fabulous break at Whitbarrow Village. We were delighted with our accommodation Room 1 in the Ulswater suite, we particularly enjoyed the little patio area which was basked in glorious sunshine. The kitchen/dining area was just perfect for our needs. We were very impressed with the helpfullness of all members of staff, particlarly reception, bar/restaurant and night porter. The swimming pool is a star attraction, one of the best! We would highly recommend Whitbarow Village.

Review No: 37 by Mrs Utton who stayed here on 01/06/2013 Language Flag

The weather was perfect as was the accommodation and resort. I would recommend that if you have a dog that it is taken to the Lake District and although Whitbarrow Village is unable to take dogs there is a Kennels just up the road named Berrier Boarders who will be more than helpful. Have a look on the website or give them a call.

Review No: 38 by Mr & Mrs Allen who stayed here on 18/05/2013 Language Flag

good location,reasonably close to outside amenities. car parking is a long way from the accommodation. if you are over 5ft : 6ins tall be aware of the cooker hood it will take your eyes out with extreme pain(we have scars to prove it). would go there again

Review No: 39 by Mr And Mrs Johnson who stayed here on 06/04/2013 Language Flag

We have just returned from a week in Ullswater apartments, the apartment was of a high standard very clean and well fitted, it is worth noteing that there is no oven only a microwave and two hob rings. The setting of Whitbarrow is peaceful and all cars are left in the large carpark,it is well placed for visiting many beautiful areas of the Lakes. The staff are helpful, friendly and knowledgable about the local area. We were however disappointed with restaurant, the food was in our opinion of a below average standard, there are other places to eat in the local area, well worth going to, namely the Troutbeck Inn. We would certainly visit again.

Review No: 40 by Mr Carter & Mrs Kelly who stayed here on 23/03/2013 Language Flag

Just spent a week at Whittbarrow. Really lovely apartment, very clean too. There isn't an oven, we found that difficult because we enjoy cooking. There was a microwave but it didn't have a built in conventional oven so not much use really. So you can' t grill or bake anything if you stay in the apartments. Strangely, there is a huge dishwasher which would have been better replaced by an oven. It was very cold in the apartment for the first 24 hours because it probably hadn't been occupied previously before we occupied it which is why it was cold.It soon heated nicely and we remained lovely and warm throughout the week. Overall really nice and we will return.

Review No: 41 by Mr & Mrs Roberts who stayed here on 20/10/2012 Language Flag

A great place for a short October (2012) break. Pleasant setting, if a little remote from main road. Apartment was fine and very warm on the cold and windy Cumbrian evenings. Appliances were of a very good standard, altho' bed / settee somewhat uncomfortable to sit on. Good restaurant on site with selection of freshly cooked foods and wine list avaialable. The bar served snacks and basket type meals, whilst offering free Wi-Fi - so mobiles and Ipads were evident, during our stay. Friendly reception staff and plenty of leaflets available showing what is on offer, in and around the Cumbrian Lakes.

Review No: 42 by Mr Sands who stayed here on 25/08/2012 Language Flag

Spacious studio apartment, very comfortable and well appointed.Good onsite amenities.Adults only hour 8-9PM in swimming pool great for a relaxing swim. We enjoyed our stay and would visit again.

Review No: 43 by Mr Poole who stayed here on 04/08/2012 Language Flag

very enjoyable, very friendly, the staff could not do enough for you

Review No: 44 by Mr Doherty who stayed here on 28/07/2012 Language Flag

We went for 1 week and wished we could of stayed longer, the resort is excellent. The entertainment is great for the children and the pool is lovely. Well worth a visit.

Review No: 45 by Mr Ash who stayed here on 21/07/2012 Language Flag

Lovely had an excellent time apartment views were excell overall the whole place was excell staff were very nice had an excell time looking forward to another week near xmas.

Review No: 46 by Mr Beach who stayed here on 14/07/2012 Language Flag

This was a last minute booking so we couldn't find out things we wanted to know as we couldn't hold it and we took a chance. We are elderly and both of us have trouble with stairs. I emailed the resort to discover there were stairs to the bedrooms which was difficult for us. A least there was a toilet downstairs which helped but I think there should be more info on accomodation for the elderly/disabled. Other than that, our lodge in Troutbeck was super. Very spacious for the 2 of us as it had 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. The kitchen had everything we could want and the through lounge was comfortable with a lovely wooden floor. The lighting, however, wasn't very good and it was sometimes difficult to read. A small shop would have been appreciated for essentials and newspapers as we seemed to have to go miles to find a shop. Why are timeshares always in remote places. Whitbarrow Village is just that - a lovely little village. There are plenty of lovely places to visit round about. I would certainly recommend it.

Review No: 47 by Mrs Wilson who stayed here on 14/07/2012 Language Flag

I visited Whitbarrow Village with 2 elderly relatives. The holiday was arranged at short notice, so unfortunately we were not able to have disabled accommodation. Nonetheless, we had a thoroughly great and relaxing time. The apartment (on 2 floors) was warm, clean and well resourced. A few snagging problems were noted (drawer frontage lose; tap dripping). These were attended without any delay, intrusion or disruption to our holiday. Staff were extremely pleasant, helpful and made time to converse with visitors without compromising the quality of service provides for others. There was a relaxed and sociable atmosphere in the communal areas, with free WIFI access at all times - though seating was limited, this did not cause difficulties even thought he visit was during the peak of the season. The only downside from the point of view of visiting with elderly people, was that the paths are cobbled and in places uneven. Nonetheless, my elderly relatives have requested that we return at some time in the near future. The peace and tranquility of the setting was particularly enjoyed. Even though there were children on the park, there was no noise, nuisance or disturbance. Parking was ample and close to the apartment - much appreciated by the elderly, both of whom have mobility difficulties. Highly recommended whatever the age of family or groups members.

Review No: 48 by Mr Stevens who stayed here on 07/07/2012 Language Flag

We thoroughly enjoyed the week's break at Whitbarrow. We were allocated a 3 bedroomed property in the older phase of the development which was in excess of the 2 bedroomed which had been expected at the time of booking. The appliances appeared to be brand new and the bedrooms clean and comfortable, although the third bedroom was above the lounge and quite a climb for our age group. One bedroom was equipped with double bunk beds which would be ideal for a family with children, the remaining two had excellent double beds. The whole estate village was spotlessly clean and the gardens and flower beds immaculately tended. Childrens facilities were plentiful with crazy golf, swings, slides and a pitch and putt green. Staff were pleasant and extremely helpful. The utlities charge was £21 and should you care to take the on site presentation, which was in no way compulsory, then the reward was a £40 restuarant voucher for the on site Eden Restuarant. The cuisine was most acceptable with a wide choice menu and good wine list. Telephone charges were very acceptable from the accomodation sited telephones. The only down side to the whole area is that the nearest decent provision store is in Penrith some 7 miles away, although you could obtain the basic milk and bread from the Bar above Reception. A car is essential.! We intend to revisit Whitbarrow in the early autumn as we were so satisfied with the whole experience.

Review No: 49 by Mr Ash who stayed here on 19/05/2012 Language Flag

Just spent a week here and really enjoyed it. Not just the lakes but this particular seasons resort was really nice and I had a lovely time. Thank you DAE for putting me on to this.
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