Exclusive Offer

Deposit your 2018 European week, receive your usual credit but also enjoy:

Step 1

Deposit your 2018 European week BEFORE 29/12/17

Step 2

Book ANY Bonus Week and get 20% off

Step 3

Then take ANY Exchange and get 30% off

Step 4

Finally, buy 1 year Gold Advantage package and receive a whopping 40% off


To activate the vouchers you must deposit your 2018 European week before midday on 29 Dec 2017.

Click here to deposit your week now


If you would like to deposit a second week and receive the above offer, please contact the office on 01756 749966 for assistance.

Terms and Conditions

2018 European weeks already deposited will be automatically eligible for this offer

Vouchers can be redeemed online or via our call centre (open 9am - 5pm, Mon - Fri excl holidays)

The offers must be taken in the following order to work:

  1. Once a 2018 European week has been deposited, members will then be eligible to take 20% off ANY currently available (at the time of searching) Bonus Week.
  2. Once a member has used their 20% discount they will THEN be able to take 30% off ANY currently available (at the time of searching) Exchange Week
  3. Once a member has used their 30% discount they will then receive a 40% discount when they purchase 1 years Gold Advantage

Once you've deposited your week enter the codes to receive your discount in the Discount Voucher blue box on the booking form

To receive 20% off your Bonus Week enter BW20OFF

To receive 30% off your Exchange Week enter EX30OFF

To receive 40% off your Gold Advantage enter GA40OFF in the following Promotion Code box when you upgrade to Gold Advantage.

Gold Advantage discount ONLY applies to a 1-year option.

Vouchers can only be used once and must be used in order before 31 December 2018 and can only be used once a 2018 European property has been deposited BEFORE midday 29 December 2017.

Bonus Week offer only applies to currently available weeks on the DAE website and does not apply to request matched weeks.

A week must be deposited 8 weeks prior to check in to be eligible for acceptance. Full terms of deposit can be viewed here.

30% discount DOESN'T apply to daeOption exchanges.

Members who already have Gold Advantage will have their expiry date extended by 1 year if they purchase Gold Advantage using the 1 year 40% off offer.

Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other DAE offer except for members who already have Gold Advantage who will also get their £10 discount when purchasing a Bonus Week.

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