Mother’s Day Treats

It’s nice to show just how much you love and appreciate your mum for all the years of cooking, ferrying you about here and there, and making sure you have enough clean socks. They really do deserve to be spoilt now and then, so Mother’s Day is the perfect excuse to treat the mother figure in your life – whoever they are.

By Helen Foster

This year in the UK, Mother's Day falls on Sunday, 31 March, so make sure that date is in your diary and start planning something special as a 'thank you' for your mum’s, stepmum’s or maybe even your gran’s love, nurture and care over the years.

Whether you want to make a handmade gift, a good Sunday dinner with all the trimmings, or go all out with something lavish like a holiday or a spa trip, there’s no doubt your gesture will be greatly appreciated.

Here are just a few ideas on how to have a great day with your mum, or the person who has been a mum to you throughout your life.

Go back to basics

If you're looking for a gift for your mum for Mother's Day, a box of her favourite chocolates will go down a treat. If you're really lucky, she might let you have one or two as well!


Keeping it simple can still melt the heart of your mum on Mother’s Day and what better than a box of chocolates that you can share with a glass of wine!

There’s no need to think outside the box or spend a fortune on something over the top, keeping things nice and simple is a great way of showing you care. There is nothing wrong with the good old-fashioned favourite of giving flowers as a Mother’s Day gift, as a bunch of flowers will brighten up any room and lift the spirits. Most people have their favourite flowers, so find out which ones your mum likes the best and buy those. You could always make them a little more special by being sure to get them in colours that match her décor! That would certainly win me over and make me feel I mattered.

Flowers will always go down well as a gift on Mother’s Day, especially if you go to the trouble of buying mum’s favourite kind.

Another good idea for a thoughtful gift for your mum on her special day is to buy a photo frame and pop in a picture of the two of you sharing a special moment together – and memories don’t come any happier than those made on a fabulous family DAE holiday!

Go handmade

You don’t have to be an artist or crafter-extraordinaire to make a great gift from scratch. As long as it’s personal and made from the heart, it’ll go down a treat. Make your own card rather than buying one, as handmade cards are always the ones that are tucked away safely, long after the day has passed, and kept for years.

Handmade cards and gifts may not have the slick and sleek finish of the shop-bought ones, but they are made with love and they will be the cards and gifts that are treasured forever.

Though, it’s not just about the handmade card that your mum can keep forever. What about handmade sweet treats? Don’t buy a box of chocolates, give making your own chocolates or delicious dessert a go. Better still, go the whole distance for your deserving mum and make a full dinner, served by candlelight with a decent bottle of wine. Apart from appreciating the effort you put into the evening, it will give you and your mum some quality time together to simply laugh and chatter the night away.

Relax, rejuvenate and refresh

Let’s face it, there’s nothing more relaxing than putting your feet up and being pampered, especially when you’re on holiday. Many of the resorts you can access, as a DAE member, have spas and saunas of their own on site. For a really special treat, why not plan ahead and use your DAE membership to give your mum a Mother’s Day to remember by heading off for some rejuvenation at a spa resort in the sun. You and your mum can unwind for a day or two, enjoying long, leisurely swims, rejuvenating saunas and relaxing massages, all topped off by a stroll on the beach as the sun sets on a perfect day.

Many of the resorts in the DAE holiday exchange programme have on-site pools, spas, saunas and treatment areas making them the ideal retreat for a deserving mum at any time of year.

DAE treats

Apart from all the fabulous exchange holidays you can enjoy as a DAE member, as many of your will know, there are even more lifestyle benefits to be enjoyed with DAE Gold Advantage.

Spoil yourself and your family with DAE Gold Advantage and start enjoying the numerous extra benefits that will bring you.

For a small annual fee or a reduced-price three-year option, with DAE Gold Advantage you could be spoiling both yourself and your mum by using the additional enhancements. Planning ahead to get the exchange holiday you deserve, Gold Advantage allows you an unlimited number of priority holiday requests, giving you first choice of newly deposited weeks. We also offer you the service of putting weeks exclusively on hold for you when a week becomes available that matches your holiday request because we don’t want you to miss out on your ideal getaway.

And don’t forget the many discounts you are entitled to with Gold Advantage, so you can get more treats out of your spend. Your discounts include:

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Don’t forget, you can always use your DAE membership to treat your mum or, indeed, your whole family, to some special time together away in a spacious timeshare apartment or perhaps one of our non-timeshare holiday property rentals. Timeshare is made for family holidays.

With so much choice and so many deals, you are sure to find a really special place where you and your mum can take that well-deserved break together. Imagine what a fabulous surprise that would be for your mum, if you were able to whisk her away from the everyday to somewhere extraordinary…

Start searching for your ‘somewhere extraordinary’ today and log into your DAE account to check out the availability.



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