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Picture Perfect Memories

We all want to make sure that our special holiday experiences with loved ones are something to remember, and what better way to do it than by capturing those picture-perfect moments with the flash and snap of a camera? Read our top tips on using your camera like a pro to ensure you get those perfect shots you’ll treasure together for a lifetime. Why not use your photographs to put together a bound and printed photobook as a gorgeous gift for a loved one?

Get To Grips With Your Camera

Let’s start with the basics and zoom in on the tools you’ll need to get snapping. We suggest that a DSLR (digital) camera will guarantee you the best quality photographs and overall user experience. Before you get stuck in, be sure to take full advantage of your camera’s manual - it’s bursting with tips and will cover everything you need to know about using your camera to its full potential. Handily, the manuals for brands such as Canon, Nikon and most other manufacturers are available as an app, so you can carry them in your pocket to refer to if you need a spot of advice. Once you’ve familiarised yourself, get to know your camera by practising your technique in the garden, or perhaps at a family gathering.

Reading your camera manual will allow you to learn all the tips to ensure you take great pictures – you might miss out on some really great features if you don’t give it a read.

Be Selective

While practice nearly always makes perfect, try to be selective as to what you choose to shoot while you’re out enjoying your holiday. Before you go to take your photo, decide what it is you want from what you capture; don’t fill your memory card with lots of location pictures, when what you really want to look back on are heart-warming memories of family and friends. While professional photographers will spend hours shooting, editing and printing that stunning sunrise shot they’ve waited for since 3am, your time will be better spent capturing special moments with loved ones that a professional just couldn’t catch the way you can!

Use your time to capture those magical moments shared between friends and family, rather than chasing postcard scenic shots.

Tools And Tricks

Don’t let the opinion of photography snobs stand in your way when it comes to getting that all-important shot. Lots of people can be snobbish about selfie-sticks, selfies and camera phones in general, but we whole-heartedly believe you should use whatever tools are available to make the most of your memories! Don’t be ashamed to whip out your selfie-stick for a stunning shot when you want to be in on the action, as well as using the nifty trick of self-timer - and this isn’t just useful for selfies! If you set your camera down in a location with low-light, the self-timer will eliminate any handholding-shake, resulting in a gorgeous low-lit photograph. Be bold and remember that the moments you’re capturing will be worth it.

Selfie sticks are a must-have when you go on holiday, no matter what the photography ‘experts’ say. They’re great for getting a fun photo of you and your friends, especially in situations when your camera might be a little heavy or expensive to take with you.

Background Aware

Pictures can’t always be perfect - even the most skilled photographers have been known to edit out blemishes from their shots (think litter, crowds or graffiti!) While you won’t have a team of re-touchers to hand, remember to scan your scene before you take your shot - it only takes a moment to move an empty glass or a dirty plate, but it can make the world of difference to a cherished moment you look back on. Remember not to place your subject too close to the background; placing some distance between them will keep your image sharp and not distract from your main focal point.

When taking a photograph – especially one you are thinking of giving a spot on the mantelpiece to – give the background a check and change your angle if needed.

Smart Lighting

Your light sources are the most important element of preparing to take a picture. For instance, imagine you’re snapping a photograph of friends on a sunny day beside the sea. If your subjects are facing the sun, they’ll be squinting, and if they have their backs to the sun they’ll only show up as silhouettes, or cause the background to be awash with too much light. Try keeping the sun to one side of your subject, or find a spot with dappled shade.

But what if you’re in a dark place, like a dim restaurant? This is where your self-timer will help. Making sure your flash is switched off, set your camera on somewhere stable like a side unit or table. Your camera will automatically sense there is little light, and set the exposure to be nice and long to accommodate for it - just be sure to stay nice and still!

When you’re taking pictures, of people in particular, take note of where the sunlight is as it could ruin your photograph. You don’t want people in complete darkness, or squinting from the sun!

Start the search for your dream DAE holiday today and get ready to capture the shots of a lifetime.


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