The Best Holiday Packing Tips


The Best Holiday Packing Tips

By Sarah Lee

If you’re anything like me, your next holiday will be days away and your mind excitedly turns to packing. Yes, packing can be exciting – when you’re packing for a holiday at least. But what you take and how you pack can make a huge difference to your experience at the airport, as well as your enjoyment on holiday, as you will find out when you read on...

Here are some holiday packing tips to make sure that your next trip is free of stress and creases.

Know the rules

Before you even start planning your holiday wardrobe, it helps to get a handle on the luggage allowance for your flight. Though most scheduled airlines allow for hold luggage of up to 23 kilogrammes per person, this isn’t the case across the board. Each airline has different rules on luggage, and especially given that today there are an increasing variety of fare types, even in economy, it helps to know the rules.

Cheaper fares, such as Economy Light for example, don’t even include hold luggage as standard. So be sure you know what your allowances are to stay within the rules and avoid potentially expensive baggage fees.

If you’re worried about the amount of weight you have in your bag, you can buy travel-sized hand-held luggage scales that you can take with you. You don’t want to go on a holiday spending spree only to have to pay extra to bring it all home, after all.

List it

Writing a list of all the things you need to pack will undoubtedly make things easier and ensure you don’t get tempted to pack things you don’t need. You can also find packing lists that you can download online.

Different types of trips will naturally require different clothing, and you should always check the weather before you leave to ensure you’re taking appropriate clothing. But you’ll also want to be sure you don’t forget essentials such as, passports, boarding passes, currency or currency cards, medication, chargers and adaptors, which should always go into your hand luggage.

Bring order to your case

You may be a meticulous packer, but it is inevitable that as soon as you place your case onto its wheels things will start to shift inside, which can lead to a messy case and creased clothes on arrival.

The simple solution to this is to use packing cubes. Made of lightweight fabric, packing cubes are available in all manner of colours and sizes, with a zipped, often meshed, lid. They are designed to keep items together in your case. For example, you might keep shirts and tops in one cube, underwear and socks in another, and trousers or skirts in another again.

But the main thing is, packing cubes keep your case organised and reduce stress when you’re getting ready on holiday. Forget all that searching through a half-emptied suitcase for the one dress you brought to wear on that particular evening.

Packing cubes are especially handy when you’re on a multi-centre trip – you could even pack items for your first few days in a city in one cube, another cube for your time in the countryside or, for example, on safari, and have a third packed with clothes for your time at the beach. Opting for different colours or sizes for each cube is a useful identification technique, or you can label them with masking tape and a marker pen.

Keep toiletries bottled

There is nothing worse than having toiletries leak all over your clothes and having to do a major clean up job when you get to your hotel. Instead of big bottles of shampoo, consider a shampoo bar, and soap instead of shower gel. Or leave these things at home altogether and use the toiletries at your resort, or buy essentials when you arrive. They can often be cheaper than prices you pay back home and your luggage will be instantly lighter.

If you must take toiletries though, take off the lids and add a layer of cling film before screwing them back on tightly, then use tape to seal lids on the outside.

Remember you can’t pack liquids of more than 100ml in your hand luggage, and they must be contained in a clear, sealable bag. If you are taking them in your hand luggage, you can stay within the restrictions by purchasing a set of travel bottles, which are small, light, and allow you to squeeze out every last drop of your shampoo!

If all this talk of packing has put you in the mood for a holiday, as a DAE member, you have so many great getaway options. All you have to do is start planning – now!



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