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The DAE Blog - 3 exchange credits = the holiday of a lifetime

One of the many benefits of depositing your week for exchange is the ability to save your credits and use them for a once in a lifetime trip to somewhere a little further away...such as Australia.

But how easy is it to actually arrange a 'once in a lifetime' trip to Australia and more importantly, how much would it cost?

Well...spoilers, it doesn't take that long, and its better value than an all-inclusive 2 week package holiday to Spain. Jonathan - DAE's Marketing Executive investigates.



Important Disclaimer
The following searches were done Thursday 14 June over a 2 hour timeframe and all prices and availability were correct at that time and all could have been booked there and then. I did try to book this once in a lifetime trip for myself and the good lady, her indoors, but the boss wouldn't let me 'borrow' the company credit card.

First, getting to Australia.
Doing a quick Google search (other search engines are available) it turns out the cheapest time to visit Australia in regards to flights is between mid-April and mid-June according to the Telegraph giving you plenty of time to plan ahead for next year's trip.

Using Sky Scanner (a flight comparison website) I entered a few dates in May from London (I figured this would give the most options and therefore the best-priced options) to Melbourne.

1st May 2019.
Leaving London at 9.25am, Singapore Airlines would get me to Melbourne one day and 9 hours later after a stopover in Singapore.
Fun Fact - Changi airport is consistently voted the best airport in the world to spend any amount of time in, it boasts a butterfly garden, free cinemas and even a free tour of Singapore if your connection is longer than 6 hours.

2nd May - Melbourne
Having travelled for over a day, I figure that I'd deserve a relaxing few days, which is why I've chosen a week at Kyneton Bushland Resort. Just 75 minutes' drive from Melbourne airport and set within the Australian bush, the resort is surrounded by the beautiful local wildlife, including kangaroos, possums and wallabies, along with a veritable array of different bird species. 

2 bedroom unit, sleeps up to 6.
"This resort provided everything I hoped to do and see. We had a two bedroom property, a detached bungalow surrounded by bush. It was spacious and comfortable with brand new, modern kitchen and bathrooms." Mrs F
9th May - Sydney
Back to Melbourne Airport and a quick flight to Sydney.
As I figure this is a once in a lifetime trip, I've added a couple of nights in a hotel in the heart of this iconic city that I've found on Tripadvisor, it's called the Pier One Sydney Harbour, Autograph Collection, which is in the shadow of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. This is another great aspect of exchanging, you can slip in a random city break halfway through your holiday.
11th May
After a couple of day's sightseeing, it's time to head to the Pacific Palms Resort.
Nestled between the deep blue waters of the Pacific Ocean and Wallis Lake lies the jewel of the New South Wales mid-North Coast. If you have a hankering to really get away from it all, this resort is perfectly located in this Great Lakes Region.
Pacific Palms Resort
2 bedroom unit, sleeps up to 6.
"An excellent holiday venue. The units are well maintained. The location is wonderful for its closeness to high quality beaches which are good for surfing and swimming." Mr O

18th May - Brisbane
Now to jump on a plane and take a flight to Brisbane for a week on the Gold Coast and the Golden Shores Holiday Club.
If a relaxing and peaceful escape conveniently close to Surfers Paradise is your idea of a perfect holiday, Golden Shores Holiday Club might just be your idea of heaven.
2 bedroom unit, sleeps up to 6.
"What a great place this was to stay. Beautiful park and promenade area opposite the apartments where one could walk and enjoy the Bay. Could recommend this resort without hesitation. Also everything needed in the apartment for a holiday" Mrs G
25th May - Home Time
Home time and back to Brisbane airport for the flight back to the UK after a holiday of a life time. And how much did this cost?

  • Flight for 2. London to Melbourne and then Brisbane to London = £1405
  • 7 nights in Kyneton Bushland Resort = 1 exchange credit + £99 exchange fee
  • Flight for 2 from Melbourne to Sydney = £91
  • 2 nights in Sydney Hotel = £372
  • 7 nights in Pacific Palms Resort = 1 exchange credit + £99 exchange fee
  • Flight for 2 from Sydney to Brisbane = £172
  • 7 nights in Golden Shores Holiday Club = 1 exchange credit + £99 exchange fee
Gives a total of £2337 for just over 3 weeks in Australia, for flights AND accommodation for TWO people.
OR, £2307 if you have Gold Advantage as you'll get a £10 discount on all long haul exchanges
Of course this is just one example, with hundreds of weeks currently available in Australia for this year and next, the choice is yours, and if you're only paying £99 (for the full week, you an even afford to visit Uluru for a few nights or head to the Great Barrier Reef in the middle of your stay.
Don't have enough credits? Give us a ring to see if you can bank next year's week or alternatively, check our the list of currently available Rentals that we have in Australia, prices start from just £226 for a full week's accommodation.

Travel Tips

Making the most of your holiday by not wasting time

The great thing about holidays is being on holiday, the not so great thing about holidays are the hours wasted either getting there or standing in queues when you are there.

So here are a few tips to save some of that precious time away so you can make the most of your well-earned week away

Flights - 50 minutes

Before booking your flight, check which airport is the closest. Many people, when flying to Barcelona with a budget airline, would assume that Ginora Barcelona Airport is the closest. However, Barcelona Airport is 50 minutes closer to the city, saving you valuable time and transfer costs.


Check-in online - 10 minutes

Many of the budget airlines actively encourage online check-in by charging you a fee if you don’t, whilst the larger airlines allow you the choice. However, if you do check in online (some airlines will allow you to check in for both the outward and inward flight) you’ll only need to drop off your bags, saving you the queuing time along with the worry about what seats you’ll get.


Luggage carousels - 10 minutes

Possibly the most frustrating holiday aspect is waiting for your luggage. If you can avoid taking a case and just take hand luggage then you could save yourself valuable time. However, if you’re in need of a suitcase and there’s more than one of you travelling, leaving one getting the bags whilst the other heads through customs to pick up the car hire keys or find the transfer point saves time.


Transfers – 30 Minutes

Work out the quickest routes to and from the airport. A train maybe 30 minutes quicker than sitting in rush hour traffic or a taxi could be the better option if the train is only hourly. For tips visit to see what is being advised.



Excursions – 50 minutes per day

Pre-book your travel excursions in the comfort of your own home before you leave. Many tourist attractions have pre-booking websites including the option for VIP queue-jumping passes. You maybe also be able to save money by getting a multi-attraction pass for your destination.


Meals – 30 minutes per day

Instead of spending time each evening trying to find that ‘perfect restaurant’, why not book your restaurant meals as and when you see the restaurant that inspires you. Even if it’s minutes after you’ve just eaten or first thing in the morning. If you do find somewhere better later in the day, you can always go back and cancel your original booking.


Try to avoid peak times – 60 minutes per day

If you plan to visit a touristy place or attraction try to go early or late in the day when the crowds are less, giving you more time for seeing and doing instead of standing and queuing.



Following our advice could save you minutes, even hours of your precious time so you can really make the most of your holiday.

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