Bonus Weeks Explained

At DAE you can enjoy depositing your holiday week for a credit and then exchange it for another getaway, but did you know you can also take holidays at the same resorts without needing an exchange credit?
Read below for all you ever needed to know, and probably more about Bonus Weeks...and then get booking.
What’s a Bonus Week?
A Bonus Week is usually a member's week that has been deposited into the DAE system. If that week hasn’t been taken as an exchange when it’s within six weeks of its check-in date, we make it available as a Bonus Week alongside the usual exchange options.
But what does that mean?
That means, the week is now available without having to use an exchange credit. You just pay the Bonus Week price and that’s it. Great value - no exchange credit required.
Why did you say ‘usually a member’s week’, is there an exception to the rule?
There is. Sometimes we source weeks direct from resorts which we know are our members love visiting on a rental basis. In order to cover our costs, these holidays are listed as Bonus Weeks. The only difference is that these can’t be taken as an exchange, that’s all.
Bonus Weeks can be taken as an Exchange?
Usually (see above), yes. If a Bonus Week can be taken as an exchange, you’ll be given the option on the booking page when you click on the ‘Book Now’ button.
Sometimes you have Bonus Weeks listed months in advance, how come?
Having worked in the exchange business for 20 years, we can predict where and when exchange deposits will be surplus to demand. Therefore, to avoid these weeks going empty, we make them available as Bonus Weeks (alongside the exchange option) months prior to the check-in date. Alternatively, if we have rented the weeks direct from the resort, we may also be able to make Bonus Weeks available much further in advance, so always check our listings.
Is the price per person?
No, the price is for the accommodation, for a FULL week. If it’s listed as a 2 bed sleeps 4, you pay the single price listed, once. Even a 4 bed sleeps 10, you only pay the accommodation price.
Can I request a Bonus Week like I do an Exchange?
Yes, you can. Just make sure you tick the 'Bonus' box on the 'Holiday Type' option when making your request (if you only want a Bonus Week, make sure you untick the Exchange box) which you can do here Exchange-Request
So, to summerise, while exchanges are the backbone of DAE’s offerings, our Bonus Weeks are designed to increase your holiday choices, and enable you to holiday more often, at great prices.

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