Celebrate 20 Years with DAE



DAE Global is celebrating their 20th Anniversary by giving our Members the chance to win 
a dream holiday with DAE’s $20,000USD Getaway grand prize draw.
Anytime you complete one of the following transactions between January 1st and October 31st 2017, 
you’ll automatically be entered into the grand prize draw taking place in November 2017:


  • Join DAE for Free

  • Make an Exchange

  • Bank a Week

  • Upgrade or Renew Gold Advantage

  • Extend a Credit

  • Make a Bonus Week, Rental or daeOptions Booking




We're celebrating the year with special promotions, offers and giveaways just for you!


In March 2017

All members will receive £20/€20 off all Bonus Weeks (extra £10/€12 discount with Gold Advantage)

All currently available Bonus Weeks are reduced automatically for the first 20 days of March


In April 2017

The FIRST 20 members that book either an Exchange or Bonus Week from midday on Saturday 1st April will get £50 'cashback' off the purchase price.

The first 20 members who make a booking after midday will receive £50 'cashback' via email confirmation on Monday 3rd April.

 The cashback will be issued for the first 20 bookings so to qualify get in nice and early and book your holiday online...But even if you miss out you've still found a great value holiday so don't be too disappointed. 


The £50 'cashback' will be allocated to the card that the payment was made with. (please allow up to 5 days for this to appear on your account)
Offer only available on first 20 Exchange OR Bonus Week transactions that are made on April 1st from 12pm.
The term 'booking' relates to when a member presses 'Book Now' on the 'Booking Form'.
Offer only applicable on 1 transaction (i.e. Exchange or Bonus Week) per member.
Members will be contacted Monday via email to confirm their £50 refund.


Further terms and conditions can be viewed here

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