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Nobody wants to cancel their holiday, but should the worst happen, DAE’s Cancellation Protection Option (CPO) gives you peace of mind that you will receive a full refund of your exchange cost, and even more importantly receive your holiday credit back to use again.


Relax with CPO

Enjoy peace of mind when you book your next exchange, knowing that your credit is safe with CPO.


The return of your exchange credit to your account is one thing your travel insurance won’t cover, and to earn this credit you had to pay your maintenance or management fees, which are routinely hundreds of pounds, so it’s important not to lose it.

For just £16.00 you can protect the cost of your holiday exchange fee AND have your credit reinstated, so make sure you add Cancellation Protection to your next booking. Should the unthinkable happen, there’s one thing less to worry about.


To add CPO - Cancellation Protection to your next booking, simply tick the yellow block on the booking page:



Once Credit Protection has been applied, should you need to cancel your holiday, your credit will be reinstated.

If your credit has expired or is within 6 months of expiring we'll add a further 6 months from the date of the cancellation.

If you have to cancel your exchange holiday for any documentable reason from an independent 3rd party we’ll reinstate your credit to spend on another exchange holiday and your fee will be refunded upon receipt of suitable third party documentation. A minimum of at least 24hrs notice to DAE prior to the check-in date of your holiday is needed if you wish to cancel.

Please note, "I have changed my mind", "I have found something better" or "I don't want to go as the weather isn’t going to be nice" are not deemed suitable reasons for cancelling your exchange holiday.

Upon instructions to cancel an exchange we will reinstate your exchange credit, however, before refunding the exchange fee we ask you to send us a document supporting the need for cancellation. Examples include a doctor's note, a death certificate (copies acceptable), a letter from your employer or a letter from any third party that explains the reasoning of you having to cancel your holiday.

Documentation must be provided within one calendar month of cancellation being requested.

On receipt of such documentation, we will issue a full refund of the exchange fee paid via your original payment method.

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