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If you’ve forgotten your login details or just not 100% sure then simply fill in the form and we’ll email them to you immediately.

We will look for matches based on your email address. If more than one account is found with the same e-mail address, then an email will be sent to the office to request the login details manually. If we find your email address on a single account, then your membership number and password reminder will be sent automatically to that email address. (Please check your junk folders if you don't get an immediate reply)


If you have the correct login details but you’re still having problems logging in:

Mem No. and Password.

Please make sure you’re entering your details in the correct order. Member No. first (your membership number consists of 1 letter followed by 4 to 6 numbers) and then your personal password in the second box.

Compatibility View

If you're using Internet Explorer, please make sure the Compatibility View is turned off. You can do this by making sure the 'torn paper' symbol in the URL box (as below) is a grey colour. (if it's blue it's turned on, just click on the symbol to turn it off)

Remember me box
If you have the correct details and still can't login, un tick the 'remember me' box, enter your details and then press the login button. (Once you've logged in you'll be able to use the 'remember me' function the next time you login in)

Green Login Box
If you can’t see the green Login button at the top right of the website page; Enter your details, (your unique Membership No. then Password.) Press Enter on your keypad (if you’re using a tablet or mobile phone it maybe called Go) and you should be logged in.

Cookie Settings
If you’re still having problems please check your Cookie Settings. For more information regarding our Cookie Policy and how to change your Cookie settings visit our Cookie Policy page

Website Browser
Finally, if you’re not already doing so, may we suggest trying again on either a PC/Mac or a Laptop and making sure your Website Browser is up to date (we can no longer support any versions lower than version 8 for Microsoft Internet Explorer) Alternatively try using Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox if you can't update your Microsoft Browser.

Although we aim to make our website as accessible as possible, some older versions of Website Browsers and some makes of Tablet/Mobile phone are not supported for our website. We appreciate that this can be frustrating and we’re working on rectifying this as soon as possible.

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