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For just £49.00 per year, or only £120.00 for three years, Gold Advantage gives you:

Unlimited priority holiday requests
Weeks matching requests put on hold exclusively for you*
£10/€12 discount on long-haul exchanges
£10/€12 discount on Bonus Weeks
50% off credit extensions, saving you £29/€35
10% off European DAE Options and Resort Rentals

  • Holidays that match your request placed on hold for you.*
  • Priority waitlist system for popular dates and resorts.
  • A phone call or email from us as soon as a holiday that matches your requirements is deposited into our system.*
  • An unlimited number of requests*.
  • Weeks sourced from trading partners to fulfil your requests.
  • £10.00 discount off every Bonus Week you take.
  • £10.00 discount off each Long Haul exchange week you take.
  • 50% discount on credit extension fee to extend your credit beyond 3 years. (Save £30.00) 
  • 10.0% discount on European resort rentals and European DAE Options rentals. 
  • Extend your Gold Advantage by one year for just £44.00, if you renew before your Gold Advantage expires.

Gold Advantage saves you having to continually check our availability. We contact you when the holiday you want is deposited. The sooner you make your requests, the more holiday opportunities you will be offered.

*Weeks are placed on hold for up to a maximum of 24 hours, exclusive hold only applies to first 4
priority matches, weeks matched within 21 days of check-in date, can't be held exclusively.


If you are already a member of Dial An Exchange and want to upgrade to Gold Advantage please LOG IN NOW then click on the [UPGRADE NOW!] button.

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