Step by step guide to help you get the most from your DAE Membership


Joining DAE If you haven’t learnt of the rewards that being a member with DAE can offer you then read our easy step by step process below and you’ll soon be swapping your timeshare/private holiday property week for any other currently available week around the globe.

If you’re not already a member follow the ‘Join Here’ link and start being rewarded for your holiday property ownership. Membership is free and it will take less than 5 minutes to join, you don’t have to deposit your week and you’ll have immediate access to our available weeks.

Commonly used words

Throughout this guide we’ll be using words that are commonly used within the timeshare world but if you’re not sure what they mean, click on the link below and it’ll take you to our guide to our products page which gives you full details.

DAE products page, all you need to know.


To visit any of the pages that are listed below, just click on the titles.


Editing your personal details

Once you become a member of DAE it’s easy to amend your personal details, just click on the link above or ‘Account’ in the top right hand corner and you’ll be able to change your address, phone number, password and email address.


View / Register your property

To become a validated DAE member we need to know the details of the property you own. DAE is exclusively for Holiday Property Owners which means we need to confirm your ownership before you can proceed to use our benefits. Registering your holiday property takes less than a minute and you don’t have to deposit it within our exchange system once it’s registered.

Depositing your week (Bank and Save)

Once your property has been registered, depositing is easy. Visit the ‘bank and save’ page link above, click the confirmation button and then select the week you want to bank (if you have more than one property) and press ‘Bank Selected’

If you own a ‘floating’ week you’ll need to get a week allocated from the holiday resort you own at and then deposit that week number using the calendar.

Please note, some resorts may need to be notified of your intent to deposit so please check.

Once your week has been deposited, we’ll then confirm your ownership and dates with the resort before issuing you with a credit.


Make a FREE request for your desired holiday

As a DAE member you’re entitled to a FREE holiday request. To make a request click the link above and follow the instructions on how to fill out the form.


Searching our current availability

On the homepage you’ll see three search boxes, the first is for searching for Exchanges (you’ll need a credit to be able to purchase one of these)

The second box is for Bonus Weeks, these don’t require a credit and you can book as many as you wish.

The third box is for Rental Weeks, these weeks also don’t require a credit and are a great discounted way of booking a popular destination or resort months in advance.

If a week says Exchanged or On Hold, these weeks are no longer available.


Booking your holiday

Once you’ve found the week you’re after, click on that week so you see the full profile, on the left there is a green ‘Book Now’ button. Click that and you’ll be taken to the next step in the booking process. Make sure the details are correct and the week is the date you require.

If you are using a low season credit to book a high season week, or a studio credit to book a larger residence you’ll be asked to confirm the upgrade fee. If you don’t wish to pay the upgrade/seasonal fee, pick a holiday that is the same seasonal or size category as your deposited week.

Press ‘Book Now’ and then on the next page you’ll be asked to input your credit/debit card details. Please note we don’t keep any card details on file so have your payment card ready.

NB – Do not press back or take too long making your booking as the week will get stuck within the system.


Booking confirmations

Once you’ve made a booking you’ll be emailed your confirmation to the email address that is on your profile (please check your Junk Folder if it doesn’t arrive). Once you’ve received this please check everything is in order. If you need to check room facilities please contact the resort on the confirmation. If you haven’t been allocated a room number, don’t worry as many resorts only allocate rooms on arrival.


Happy holidays

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