An Exchange is the process of taking a week that you own within your own holiday resort or property and depositing it into the DAE system. Once deposited you’ll receive a credit to ‘Exchange’ for any other week available within the DAE system for a low-cost Exchange fee of only £99.00 for short haul and only £99.00 for long haul.

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Bonus Weeks

Bonus Weeks are usually customers' weeks that have been deposited into the DAE system. The majority are weeks that haven't been taken as an Exchange and to avoid these going vacant, they become available to our members six weeks prior to the check-in date as late availability without the need to use their holiday credit.

We also offer weeks in advance of the six weeks cut off that we know will be in excess of Exchange demand. Having worked very closely with our members and resorts since our opening in 1999, we are adept at predicting how much exchange demand there will be at each resort for a particular unit size, during a specific time period. When the resort space available for that resort exceeds predicted demand, we make that excess available as Bonus Weeks alongside the usual Exchange option.

If you have Gold Advantage you get a further discount of £10.00 off every bonus week.

Learn more, Bonus Weeks - Frequently Asked Questions

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Holiday Requests

All DAE members can make one free holiday request at a time for a specific week in a certain area that they want. They are then notified via email when the requested week becomes available.

Members with Gold Advantage status can make unlimited priority requests, and have their requests actively searched for by our dedicated team. Once a week has been located we'll contact the member directly to let them know the requested week is available.

Making a Holiday Request gives you access to popular weeks and locations which might not appear on our general availability. The majority of our weeks go out to meeting requests and only appear on general availability once they have been offered to all customers who have a request listed. Many of our more popular Exchanges don't make it to the website as they've been requested by our DAE members.

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Gold Advantage

For a small annual fee or a reduced price 3-year option, Gold Advantage allows DAE members to receive a wide range of additional benefits and enhancements.
These benefits include the ability to list an unlimited number of priority holiday requests, giving Gold Advantage customers first choice of newly deposited weeks. This is coupled with the personal service of having weeks put on hold exclusively for you when a week matches your request so that you can be sure you won’t miss your opportunity.
Numerous discounts are also available with the Gold Advantage package, which means that the more you holiday, the more you save!

  • £10.00 discount on all Bonus Weeks
  • 50% off credit extensions, saving you £30.00
  • 10% off European resort rentals and European DAE Options rentals
  • Free name changes on bookings, saving you up to £0.00

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Resort Rentals

Resort Rentals are a great way of being able to secure a specific location months in advance without even needing to use your holiday credit. DAE have a number of carefully selected participating rental resorts (we never rent out owners' weeks) in some of the most in-demand locations around the world, and as a DAE member, you will receive discounts of up to 40% off the price compared with booking directly with the resort.

Learn more, Rentals v Exchanges Explained

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These are non-timeshare properties available for rent at deeply discounted prices to DAE members only. Options are non-refundable. However, If you book an Options Exchange using a credit then you can take out CPO to protect your credit in case of cancellation. We would recommend using a comprehensive travel insurance policy to protect against unexpected cancellation.

Learn more, Rentals v Exchanges Explained

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Credit Protection Option (CPO)

Need to cancel your trip? With Credit Protection you're fully covered.

For just £19.00, our Credit Protection gives you the peace of mind that you can cancel your exchange holiday and not lose your exchange credit. Should you unfortunately have to cancel your holiday, Credit Protection ensures that the exchange credit used to book your holiday is returned to you.

If you do not add Credit Protection to your booking and you subsequently need to cancel your holiday, you will lose your exchange credit.

Please click here for full Credit Protection terms and conditions.


Seasonal Upgrade Fees

To make sure our exchange process continues to be fair for all we've implemented a Seasonal Upgrade policy for those owners who wish to exchange from off-peak to peak holiday times. In these circumstances a Seasonal Upgrade fee of £40.00 is applicable. Revenue from the Seasonal Upgrade Fee will be used to secure further weeks for our members in high demand times and areas.

This upgrade policy is applicable for members depositing a week with a check-in between 1st November - 19th December and 1st January - 15th March in the following locations:

  • Mainland Spain
  • The Balearics
  • Malta
  • Scotland (excluding resorts: Hilton Coylumbridge, Hilton Grand Vacations Club at Craigendarroch, Hilton Dunkeld, Cameron House, The Carrick, Kilconquhar Castle and Auchrannie Country Club)
  • All Seasons Holidays resorts (excluding Whitbarrow Village and Club Tahiti)
  • All Macdonald resorts

Members with Cape Verde deposits will be subject to an upgrade fee at all times.

For such deposits, the member will receive an ‘off-season’ credit. An off-season credit can be utilised at the standard low-cost exchange fee for the following destinations and times of year:

  • Anywhere in Europe (excluding England, the Canaries, Madeira and ski resorts) from 1st November to 19th December, and 1st January to 15th March.
  • Any long-haul destination (outside of Europe) at any time of year.
  • Any exchange to the Canary Islands in May or June.

For exchanges outside of the above locations and dates, a small Seasonal Upgrade fee of £40.00 will be applicable.

Members who bank a week between the last week of July and all of August will receive two exchange credits for their one deposited week if it is a 2 bedroom unit or larger and is a UK or European resort only.

Studio Upgrade fees

Studio owners wishing to upgrade into a larger sized apartment must pay a Studio Upgrade fee.
To exchange into a one bedroom property = £25.00 upgrade fee per exchange.
To exchange into a two or more bedroom property = £50.00 upgrade fee per exchange.

There is no fee for studio owners wishing to exchange into a studio.


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