Rentals v Exchanges Explained

Monte Carvoeiro Club, Portugal


I don’t understand about rental weeks. Who gets the money for the rental weeks?
Instead of banking my week for an exchange, can I bank it to be rented?


The difference between a rental week and an exchange week is quite simple.

Exchange weeks
 are weeks owned by our members which are deposited for other members to exchange in to.

Rental weeks are accommodation in leading brand resorts that DAE purchases them directly from the resorts at significantly discounted rates, and then sells them as Rentals to our members to provide them with more holiday options at great member-only prices. They are generally located in destinations where there is little timeshare availability due to high demand, or there are simply no timeshare resorts within a certain location.

If we were to rent out exchange weeks, rather than ‘swap’ one exchange week for another, variety and availability in our exchange pool would be seriously reduced and as a result, disadvantage members wanting to complete an exchange. We’re sure you’d agree this would lead to some very dissatisfied members!

Rental space comes from both timeshare and non-timeshare resorts and because DAE negotiates special rates with each resort, rental weeks represent great value - often significantly lower than the standard rates.

Most importantly, to book an exchange, you must have a deposit credit available (deposit your week for an exchange credit). Rental weeks, on the other hand, require no deposit and may often represent better value when you factor in your resort maintenance fee plus exchange fee, versus the discount rental fee.

Finally, you can book as many rentals as you like, so you are not constrained by the number of timeshare weeks you own. You can book for family and friends at no additional charge (no guest certificate fees).

So, while exchange is the backbone of DAE’s offerings, our discounted rentals are designed to increase your holiday choices, and enable you to holiday more often, at prices you are unlikely to match in the retail market.

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