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General Terms and Conditions

This is an easy reference version of our Terms and Conditions to help you understand exactly how DAE works. The full legal Terms and Conditions can be viewed below via the link. Whenever you make a Deposit, take an Exchange, Rental Option or take a Bonus Week, you are agreeing to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.

Appointment as agent. When you become a member of DAE, you are appointing DAE (DAE is a trading name of RCI Europe.) as your agent to introduce you to another holiday property owner who has deposited a week which you would like to take as an Exchange holiday.

When you deposit a week into the DAE system, you are appointing DAE (DAE is a trading name of RCI Europe.) as your agent to introduce you to another holiday property owner who wants to take that week as an exchange holiday.

Accuracy of information. We ask you to provide accurate information about your holiday property so that other members can satisfy themselves that it is suitable for their Exchange holiday.

When choosing an Exchange holiday, it is your responsibility to make sure that the property you choose is suitable for all your requirements.

If required please make sure that you check the suitability of the accommodation before booking. DAE and the Resort you are staying at cannot be held responsible if you find the accommodation to be unsuitable on your arrival at the resort then an alternative will not be offered.

The information we supply is provided by our members or obtained from public websites. Whilst we try our very best, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information we supply.

Formation of Contract. When we issue the Final Confirmation, the holiday Contract is between the member who has deposited the week and the member who is taking that week. The inbound guest is subject to the normal Terms and Conditions of the holiday property owner and their property or resort manager. DAE acts only as the introduction agent and does not supply the holiday itself.

Our obligation to you. We supply you with the details of the property/resort you have chosen to exchange into. You are welcome to contact them before your holiday should you need to.

We supply the contact details of the owner/manager to the member who has chosen your deposited week as their exchange holiday. We do not give any other of your details to anyone else (see privacy policy).

When you deposit a week, you get a "credit". This credit is valid for three years from the date of deposit and enables you to take any available week out of the DAE or Options Exchanges system, on payment of the exchange fee (excludes Rentals).

Like for Like. We do not offer "like for like". You can have any size of property, in any location on any date, assuming it is available from the DAE system. It is up to you to choose an exchange property that meets your requirements. Upgrade and or Seasonal fees may apply.

Studio Upgrade fees. Studio owners wishing to upgrade to a larger sized apartment must pay a Studio Upgrade fee.
To exchange into a one bedroom property = £25.00 upgrade fee per exchange
To exchange into a two or more bedroom property = £50.00 upgrade fee per exchange.
There is no fee for Studio owners wishing to exchange into a Studio

Seasonal credits/fees. A Seasonal upgrade fee of £40.00 may apply (dependent on property and location) for members depositing their weeks with a check in between 1 November and 15 March. You’ll be notified at the time of depositing if these fees are applicable when you deposit your week and they will only be applicable should you wish to exchange in to a property that is not within the above dates.

Cancellation. If you cancel your exchange holiday, you will lose both the exchange fee and the credit associated with the week you deposited to get that exchange. We, therefore, recommend our optional Cancellation Protection Option. 

With our £16.00 Cancellation Protection Option claiming back your exchange fee and your exchange credit is easy.

If you have to cancel your exchange holiday for any documentable reason from an independent 3rd party we’ll reinstate your credit to spend on another exchange holiday and your fee will be refunded upon receipt of suitable third party documentation. A minimum of at least 24hrs notice to DAE prior to the check-in date of your holiday is needed if you wish to cancel.

Please note, "I have changed my mind", "I have found something better" or "I don't want to go as the weather isn’t going to be nice" are not deemed suitable reasons for cancelling your exchange holiday.

Upon instructions to cancel an exchange we will reinstate your exchange credit, however, before refunding the exchange fee we ask you to send us a document supporting the need for cancellation. Examples include a doctor's note, a death certificate (copies acceptable), a letter from your employer or a letter from any third party that explains the reasoning of you having to cancel your holiday.

Documentation must be provided within one calendar month of cancellation being requested.

On receipt of such documentation, we will issue a full refund of the exchange fee paid via your original payment method.

ALL payments are non-refundable (unless you've taken out our CPO as stipulated above). We would recommend using a comprehensive travel insurance policy to protect against unexpected cancellation. If you have taken Cancellation Protection Option on an Options Exchange then only your credit will be reinstated.

If you have taken CPO for an Unlimited Travel Club booking, you will receive an exchange credit back on your account. However, upon rebooking of a further holiday, the going exchange fee will be applicable.

If DAE is forced to cancel an accommodation booking due to factors over which it has no control, such as a resort closure due to fire, flooding, insolvency or other similar circumstances, DAE will offer a full refund on the accommodation costs purchased through DAE, or offer a suitable alternative. DAE will have no liability to contribute towards any additional costs including but not limited to flights, airport transfers etc.

Complaints. Please remember that every property and every resort is different. Please do not expect the same standard as the week you deposited. Standards vary enormously according to local conditions. If you have a problem with the holiday property, please contact the local property manager immediately and ask for the problem to be rectified. If you are still dissatisfied and decide not to occupy the property, then neither the property owner nor DAE has any liability to provide you with alternative accommodation, unless they have provided grossly misleading information. We are always pleased to receive feedback on your exchange holiday, good and bad. We understand that things do go wrong sometimes, so we will always try to help if it is within our control.

In the event you arrive at a property and are unsatisfied with the accommodation after speaking to the property manager please contact DAE whilst still at the accommodation and we will attempt to resolve the issues. If you decide to remain at the property or leave without contacting DAE to endeavour to resolve the issues for you, neither the property owner nor Dial An Exchange / DAE has any further liability to provide you with alternative accommodation or refund any costs.

Refusal of Deposit. We reserve the right to refuse any deposit. We do this if we think the property is unsuitable or if we already have too many deposits of that type of property for that date.

Timescale of Deposit We require a minimum of 8 weeks notice for each deposit made, i.e. you can deposit weeks up to 8 weeks prior to the check-in date. However, we are sometimes able to take deposits at short notice for popular times of year if we know we have members waiting to take that week. (entirely at our discretion) Please contact us to see if this is possible on 01756 749966. Deposits made within these 8 weeks that are not sought after by our members may be refused or subject to a late banking fee.

Termination. Your membership of DAE is continuous. You need to notify us if you no longer wish to be a member. We reserve the right to remove anyone from membership at any time.

Requests. You can make one free request for an Exchange holiday at any time. Please be as specific as possible. DAE will endeavour to fulfill your needs but is under no obligation to supply an exchange holiday. Making a request does not mean that you are going to get that particular holiday. If you join our Gold Advantage you can make unlimited requests. Click here for more information.

Conditions of Deposit. Once you have deposited a week, you cannot sell, rent, use, give or deposit that week with another Exchange organisation without the explicit prior approval of DAE. You must pay your annual maintenance fee in full for the week deposited (timeshare owners only). The property must be presented in a clean, comfortable condition to the incoming Exchange guest, with details displayed of the local property manager who should have authority to assist your inbound Exchange guest during their stay.

Exchanges – DAE do not allow the transfer of exchanges to any other party without prior permission. When you purchase a week/exchanged, only the named guest on the booking is eligible to take that week unless otherwise agreed by Dial An Exchange / DAE. Any non-permitted transfers will be seen as a breach of contract and the holiday and your membership will be cancelled with immediate effect.

Conditions of Purchase - Once you have purchased/exchanged a week, you cannot then resell, rent, or give that week to any other person/party without the explicit prior approval of DAE. Exchanges, Bonus Weeks, Rental weeks, Gold Advantage and Credit Extension purchases are all non-refundable unless CPO has been purchased (only available for Exchanges) or accommodation has been cancelled as per above.

Substitute Accommodation. Very occasionally, it may be necessary for the property owner/manager or DAE to offer you alternative holiday accommodation to the property you have booked. If the substitute accommodation is not acceptable to you and you are unable to stay for a single night, then you are entitled to a full refund of the exchange fee you have paid and a reinstatement of your holiday credit. Neither the property owner or DAE will be under any further obligation to you if you decline the alternative accommodation offered.

Remember: Whenever you make a Deposit, take an Exchange or take a Bonus Week or Rental Option, you are agreeing to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.

For full legal terms and conditions, click here.

Data Protection Statement on Recorded Calls

DAE Customer Service Department Privacy Notice - Call Recording

DAE records calls for training and quality assessment purposes

Which calls does this refer to?

This includes all incoming and outgoing telephone calls that are handled by DAE’s Customer Service Department, with the exception of calls where payment is taken (recording masked automatically).

Why are calls recorded?

Recording customer conversations allows organisations to assess customer satisfaction, train and develop staff, review call quality, and have access to a verbal record of what is said in the event of a subsequent complaint.
It also hopefully means employees feel more protected knowing that any threatening behaviour can be evidenced and acted upon where necessary.

How will call recordings be used?

Quality monitoring – Written records only provide partial information. A call recording provides a more rounded view and allows us to better understand customer experience and assess the processes applied. This can help us identify any improvement areas.
Training and Development – Listening to a sample number of calls, allows managers to identify training needs. Sample scenarios are based on the recordings but any transcripts are anonymised.
Complaints and disputes – Some calls are verbally resolved. Where information is entered onto an electronic system this becomes the established record. In the event of a complaint or dispute, a call recording may provide additional information to help us investigate any allegations.
Employee safety and wellbeing – A recording may become a vital piece of evidence in the event of any threats being made to the organisation or an individual.

How have we informed our customers that we record calls?

This privacy notice is published on the website.

*Age polices vary from 18 – 25 years old. Please ask us to check with the resort prior to completion of the booking.

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