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COVID-19: Updates & Cancellation Policy


At DAE, we care about our members and are committed to providing you flexibility and support during this uncertain time. In an effort to align with best practices in the hospitality industry, please see adjustments to our current cancellation policy as you consider how to proceed with your travel plans:

Members may cancel travel check-in dates through 31 October 2020 and be offered a future booking without the expense of a new exchange fee only if the travel and reservation are directly and materially impacted by one or more of these COVID-19 –related circumstances (each, a “COVID Impacted Reservation”):

  • • Transport disruptions and/or cancellations;
  • • Travel advisories and/or restrictions;
  • • Resort closures
  • • Health advisories and/or quarantines;
  • • Other local government mandates such as evacuation orders, border closures, prohibitions on holiday accommodation and lockdown requirements.

If you cancel a reservation that is deemed by DAE to be a COVID Impacted Reservation, the exchange fee from your previous booking will be available for you to make a replacement booking by the 31st December 2020. The travel date window for using the exchange credit from the COVID Impacted Reservation for a new booking would be valid for the same as original credit returned to the member. If a member has CPO and is within the cancellation policy, CPO policy will override above. No monetary refunds are allowed on cancellations regardless of whether CPO has been obtained.

The cancellation of any reservation which is not a COVID Impacted Reservation (as enumerated above) shall be governed by Section 14 & 15 of the Member Terms and conditions to the Dial An Exchange Timeshare and Holiday Ownership and may result in the forfeiture of the exchange fee and/or exchange credit.

If you planning travel and looking to exchange, check back with us regularly as new inventory routinely becomes available.

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